Tradition reinterpreted for drinking

"Ünscha Rötali" is made with a lot of love and by hand in a lengthy and elaborate process.

We use the high-quality mash that remains after the bottling process to produce Christoffel Edelbrand.

Accordingly, only a limited quantity of this original Rötali brandy can be produced each year. Our master distiller (a small family business in Switzerland) was able to produce 200 bottles of the brandy for us in 2022.

A pure and clear enjoyment experience with a uniquely fruity flavour.

Each bottle is unique.

Hand-numbered and signed by owner Patrick Christoffel.

Filling quantity 350 ml
Alcohol content 40% Vol.
Country of origin Switzerland
Davos/ Grisons region
Manufacturer Christoffel Rötali GmbH
Brand Christoffel Edelbrand - Original Rötali Brand
Fruit brandy type
Use pure as an aperitif, digestif or as Kaffi Lutz
Tasting notes Cherries, spices
Sales description Brandy
Ingredients A list of ingredients is not required in accordance with Article 16(4) of REGULATION (EU) No 1169/2011.

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Original Rötali Brandy - Christoffel Edelbrand
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